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Editor-in-Chief Min Park
Designer Claire Shin
Editors Chae Park, Margaret Zhang
Translators Eujeong Choi, Hailey Noh

Angela Yang
is studying history at the Architectural Association after completing an undergraduate degree in Art History at the Courtauld Institute. She is fascinated by the ways in which we inhabit and interact with our interior space. Her works are inspired by the intersection of food, design, and architecture.

Chae Park
is a junior at Georgetown University studying international politics and Mandarin. Outside of school, she is a serial zoomer, green-tea latte barista, and an aspiring Yogi.

Claire Shin
is a graphic designer based in Seoul. She is currently studying type design at the Letterform Archive's Type West program. She is also driven by the beauty of negative space and in living life romantically. She is currently trying to figure out what the latter entails.

Danielle Zhuo
is from Toronto and spent much of her youth following her father around in the world of neuroscience as he worked in various cities (Seoul, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.). She particularly enjoys interdisciplinary applications of psychology research, 岩茶, and the exploration of culture and personal intimacy through entertaining.

Eujeong Choi 최유정
is a swing dancer, a slow writer, and an artificial intelligence enthusiast. Majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science at Korea University, Eujeong invests her time in building bridges between distinct fields. She loves connecting the dots between all her individual passions ranging from art to technology.

Galena Sardamova
is an interdisciplinary artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her work investigates memory, nostalgia, ritual, and (be)longing, as well as the cross-linguistic and cross-cultural nuances of them. She is endlessly fascinated by everyday moments of dynamic stillness, and by the quietly beautiful process of becoming. Galena graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2020 with a major in Architecture and minors in Fine Arts, Art History, and English.

Garden Hong
is an artist, illustrator, and art educator based in Seoul, South Korea. She studied at Yewon school and at Seoul National University, where she majored in painting. Growing up with her mom as a painter and her dad as a gourmet, she has a great passion for art and food, something she often brings to her work. Her work is based on observations of the ordinary, and her use of vibrant colors explores both harmony and tension.

Hailey Noh
is a photographer, writer, drummer, and hedgehog mom from Seoul. She is constantly trying to choose between words and images.

Jihye Lee
is a Seoul-based ceramicist who is inspired by natural forms and a founder of Loam Archive, which specializes in ceramics products designed after organic forms and for daily use. Her hand-crafted ceramics pieces find inspiration in plants, human forms, and more, recreating the beauty found in nature. Her pieces are shaped organically and softly, yet with a sturdy and luminous touch.

Jina Han
is a freelance editor and creative consultant based in Seoul, South Korea. She is a recent graduate of the Courtauld Institute of Art and has a special interest in East-Asian arts and culture. She self-published two issues of an independent magazine and is now working towards the goal of opening a store in London that showcases Korean art and design.

Karen Yang
is trying to make liminality and adulthood work for her. Recently, she has taken a liking to dark chocolate, the writings of Hanya Yanagihara, Björk, and temperate California weather. In her college days, she was a member of The Excelano Project, the University of Pennsylvania’s spoken word poetry group, whom she loves very much.

Karin Yamada
is a designer, a visual translator, a lazy cook, a high-ball drinker, a long sleeper, a traveller, a full-time job seeker, and a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins’s Graphic Communication Design.

Kenzie Lee
is a graphic designer and filmmaker. She recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and is now studying acting and performance in Seoul. She loves making unexpected discoveries and doing things in the spur of the moment.

Kylie Park
is a filmmaker and multimedia artist studying Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Film. Often, heartfelt meanings are invisible, and their subtle connotations cannot be fully translated into words. Using her visual language, Park is interested in capturing these moments that speak through the minds of people.

Margaret Zhang
lives in Philadelphia. A Best New Poets and Pushcart Prize nominee, they have attended the Tin House Poetry Workshop and been recognized by the Poetry Society of the UK. They are currently obsessed with liminal spaces, memories, and the otherworldly nature of intimacy. Read their work in Waxwing, The Louisville Review, Salt Hill Journal, The Minnesota Review, and other journals.

Min Park 박민서
is a learner and a creative based in Seoul, South Korea. She is a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying art history, film, and fine arts and is currently on a gap year to dedicate her time to learning of art. Her works range from photography to publication, inspired by texture, space, and nature. She is greatly invested in sculptures and film at the moment, especially the works of Eva Hesse.

Minjung Kim
is a graphic designer and filmmaker based between Seoul and London. She studied Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, where she focused on filmmaking. Her interests are experimental filming, photography, and 3D work. She likes raw things and mainly works on expressing emotional and philosophical moments. Now, she is obsessed with fresh bread.

Natasha Cheung 張㯋曦
is thinking often, doing sometimes, looking always. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with majors in Fine Arts and Visual Studies, with a particular interest in Religious Studies. She is currently a History of Art and Archaeology masters student at SOAS, University of London in a partial effort to decolonize her education. She sees paradox as a necessity and strives to make this visible and visceral through mediums of drawing and performance / drawing as performance / performance as drawing.

Wendy Qian
is currently studying Fine Arts and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is fascinated with recording memories and exploring how memories can be archived through mark-making across different mediums.

Yoo Jung Hong
is an artist and an experimental animator based in Seoul and Los Angeles. She is fond of traveling around the world. She loves observing people, nature, traveling, and collecting all kinds of objects that lead to her collages and other artworks. She also has a strong passion for delicious foods and desserts. She is deeply in love with eggs and mangos.
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